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Scoliosis refers to curvature of the spine. Individuals with degenerative lumbar scoliosis can experience a wide range of symptoms from no symptoms to being severely disabled. Common complaints include back pain that is worse with sitting or standing and relieved when the person lies down, electric shock-like pain, numbness, or weakness in one or both legs, or a combination of these symptoms.

The size of the scoliosis may be relatively small or it may be quite large. Studies have shown that, in general, degenerative lumbar scoliosis is a progressive deformity. The treatment of an individual with degenerative lumbar scoliosis depends on many factors and may include physical therapy, epidural or nerve root injections, a laminectomy, or a spinal fusion procedure. Bracing is occasionally recommended for a short period of time and can play a significant role in the post-operative management of degenerative lumbar scoliosis.

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