Patient Testimonials

Bernard Raymond in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
| Jun 01, 2018
My surgery was done 10 days ago and today I feel like a new person. No more aches and pain. Dr. V. and his team were extremely profesionnal, took the time to explain the surgery and the risks. The appoinment was scheduled very quickly. If I had any questions, they were there to respond. Easy access to the personel. Thank you.

Lisa Lasseter in Kyle, TX | Apr 26, 2018

I suffered with chronic pain due to degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and a synovial cyst. After PT and injections didn’t work I was referred to Dr. V. My first visit he recommended fusions which I declined. He was very understanding and suggested lumbar decompression and cyst removal. Said it would be 2-3 wks., I cried, said I can’t wait that long. He was sympathetic and 4 days later I had my surgery! I am 80% better 1 month in, and my co-worker’s tell me I look great! Thanks Dr. V!!

Mauricio Tabora in Austin | Apr 04, 2018

We are so grateful to Dr. Vasudevan for taking the time to explain the entire procedure to us in a manner that alleviated all of our concerns or anxieties with this type of surgery. You don’t find many Doctors that will take the time to do this. We would recommend him with an unlimited amount of stars.

in | Mar 06, 2018

Dr. V operated on my back in Feb 2018, I was injured while serving on active duty and had been in constant chronic back pain from damage done to the L4, L5, and S1 vertebrae. Dr. V’s bedside manner was incredible, he took the time to discuss the fusion and surgical procedure with my wife and I explaining the steps to repair the damage. My L4, L5, and S1 were fused with zero complications. I now have zero residual pain and zero right leg numbness. Thank you Dr. V!

Emily C in Austin | Mar 05, 2018

So thankful that I found Dr. Vasudevan! From start to finish, my experience at Austin Neurospine has always been wonderful. My neck issues are a bit perplexing, and Dr. V has never given up on me. He has persisted in getting me the correct diagnosis, and I am finally on the path to healing. The ladies that work up front set the bar high! I continue to be impressed by their kindness and willingness to help. Thanks for everything!

Matt in Cedarpark, TX | Jan 25, 2018

Been in pain for many years and he explained the process very thoroughly and gave me proper expectations. The process was thorough and complete ,and pain from my neck and middle back have all but gone away. Proper follow-up was amazing thank you so much for your steady hand.

Matt Heerwald in Austin, TX | Nov 16, 2017

I had a badly herniated L-5/S-1 that gave me horrible sciatica in my left leg.. I tried PT, and injections which didn’t work and, my treating physician recommended Dr. Vasudevan to perform a microdiscectomy.. I got other opinions, being a little leery of doctors passing clients back and forth. After a ton of research, I found he was very highly thought of in this community and he was a really nice guy. The surgery went great and I feel wonderful 6 weeks after. Even cooked dinner on day 2!

Norman marek in Georgetown, TX | Nov 14, 2017

The experience I had with Dr. V and his staff was above and beyond what I ever expected or ever had. I was able to get a hold of the doctor whenever I needed they were very upfront on what I should expect after surgery. I would refer Dr. V to all my friends and family. Thanks Dr. V for being the professional that’ is expected but not often received.

Geoff Robson in Austin, TX | Nov 11, 2017

After consulting with Dr V for a “second opinion” a few days prior to having surgery on my herniated C5/6 disc I left his office with a new surgery date and new surgeon. As others have said, Dr. V took the time to walk me through everything in a way that just made sense. His office and staff guided me through the entire process, I loved the hospital he chose to do the procedure at & follow-up consultation has been second to none. Oh, and by the way the surgery was a complete success!

Russell Cowman in Houston, TX | Nov 01, 2017

I am very pleased with Dr. V’s service and professionalism. His staff is friendly and helpful as well. He is very accessible to answer any question and he seems to genuinely care about his patients. I truly believe that minimally invasive back surgery is the way to go.

Jeanette scarborough in Georgetown, TX | Sep 17, 2017

I first saw Dr V for consultation after an MRI. He referred me to a nerve doctor who in turn isolated the problem to my hand. Dr V did surgery on my hand and I have had a great recovery. Each visit to the Dr was a pleasant experience and his staff was pleasant and efficient. After my surgery he spent a good deal of time explaining the outcome and recovery process to my family. I would highly recommend Dr Vasudaven as a highly skilled and personable doctor

Walter Roehm III in San Antonio, TX | Sep 16, 2017

Dr. Vasudevan is great at what he does. I’m so happy to have had him , listens and understands what needs to be done and now I’m way better living pain free. Thanks!

Walter Roehm III in San Antonio, TX | Sep 16, 2017

Dr. Vasudevan is great at what he does. I’m so happy to have had him , listens and understands what needs to be done and now I’m way better living pain free. Thanks!

Jeannie L in Marble Falls, TX | Sep 16, 2017

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Vasudaven. He and his staff took very good care of me in a very timely manner. He is a very caring Dr. who took the time to call me during my recovery to see how I was doing. He is very professional and takes time to listen and observe as well as time to explain what he thinks is the best course of action. He is not one to jump right into an unnecessary surgery. I highly recommend him to anyone having severe pain.

Scott S. in Austin, TX | Jul 22, 2017

Dr. V changed my life. I suffered from back pain since 2009 due to working Law Enforcement and exerting my body to very strenuous activity. I had a fusion July 2016. I can now function again as a father and a husband which I was limited prior to Dr. V. I am also back on the golf course and basketball court. I also beat my son in the 40 yd dash!! He’s 12 🙂 Thank you Dr. V !!!!!!!

Philip McPherson in Dripping Springs, TX | Jun 15, 2017

Dr. Vasudevan, with his extensive education, training & experience truly helped to restore my quality of life. I am currently 3 months post-op and feel better than I have in years! I could not walk, sit or sleep comfortably. He communicated to me and my wife, in a clear & concise manner, exactly what the cause of my pain was and what was required – TLIF Procedure – to repair it. We left his office feeling very confident and with peace of mind that we had chosen the right Specialist.

Brandon B in Austin, Tx | May 23, 2017

As with any Dr. you need to do your research to see what kind of education/experience they have and how well their patients review? them. He is very young for the amount of education training and experience he has, he is at the top of his game in his field and uses only the latest and best techniques and equipment. I had C5-C6 C6-C7 ACDF necksurgery. All of my original neck pain is gone and I expect to be back to work within a few weeks?. Dr. Vasudevan made this a very easy experience.

Herschel Hochman in Austin, TX | May 12, 2017

Dr. Vasudevan is one of the finest doctors I have come across. He is highly knowledgeable and competent in his field. He operated successfully on my back problem and followed up to make sure that I was well and had all of my questions answered. On my initial visit, he spent a great deal of time explaining what type of surgery was recommending and spent a large amount of time showing me on my MRI what was happening and how he could correct the problem. I highly recommend him.

R.L. in Austin, TX | May 11, 2017

After multiple visits with other doctors and being misdiagnosed, I read about Dr V and decided to make an appointment. I was impressed from our initial visit in that he diagnosed my problem with my S1 right away. After two visits, I had minimal evasive surgery and now I am able to walk without depending on a cane. I no longer feel numbness or tingling in my leg. There is no pain in my lower back. Dr V also personally called to check on my well being after my surgery. I’m very pleased.

Wanda J. Cikalo in Cedar Creek, TX | Apr 22, 2017

I have very high regards for Dr. Ram Vasudevan. Last year he performed what was supposed to be a very routine surgery on the cervical area of my back. He explained the surgery extensively and in terms that my family and I could understand. The surgery turned out to b very invasive. After I arrived home he called to see how I was doing periodically. I had to wear the bone fuser for almost year berfore I could not feel severe pain. I would gladly recommend this neurosurgeon to anyone.

Elaine Morrow in Whitney, TX | Mar 20, 2017

Dr. Vasudevan was and is one of the most professional doctors that I have ever seen. He does not hurry his patients and listens to their concerns. He is very thorough in answering questions so that the patient understands everything. My experience with his office staff was friendly at all times. However, I have had problems with office staff returning my calls. They don’t. I have called several times and had to leave messages, but I have yet to receive a call back from the office staff.

Tina L. Morrow-Kelsey in Austin, TX | Mar 13, 2017

I can’t think of enough positive personality adjectives to describe Dr. Ram R. Vasudevan. From my first meeting with him (to long after my L5 S1 decompression) he was always empathetic, friendly, polite and professional. He was forthright in his explanation of my injury, the procedure and the recovery process. He is very responsive to emails and phone calls. My intense and debilitating pain is gone! Look for this highly competent surgeon on the Super Doctors’ list in the future. Thank you Dr. V

Dan O in Austin, TX | Mar 07, 2017

I went from having severe pain to literally no pain as a result of my microdiscectomy. Dr. Vasaduvan and his team are phenomenal. He was spot-on with every piece of the surgery and recovery. I would highly recommend him to anyone with spine issues or if you are evaluating your need for surgery.

Brad H. in Austin, TX | Mar 04, 2017

Dr. V. is an amazing neurosurgeon. I initially met with an orthopedic surgeon for my herniated disc. I wanted a second opinion, so I met with Dr. V. I knew that first meeting that I wanted him to perform my surgery. He was not quick to cut like a lot of doctors. Once all of the conservative treatment was finished with no results, Dr. V. fully discussed surgery options. He and everyone that assisted him was wonderful the day of surgery. The surgery center was AMAZING. I will always refer Dr. V!

ArpiS in Sunnyvale, CA | Feb 21, 2017

Dr. V is one of the best professionals in his field. He provides detailed evaluation of the patient’s current condition with a solution to improve their health dramatically. He is caring and kind which instils great amount of trust and comfort. Will definitely recommend Dr. V to anyone suffering from pain within his area of expertise.

Sheri Fielding in Austin, TX | Sep 06, 2016

Dr. V. took lots of time with my mother. She was experiencing lower back and groin pain. After several consultations the decision was made for surgery. She is doing much better. The doctor himself followed with several phone calls. That is something you almost never hear of. He is most compassionate and caring.

Dan R. in Austin, TX | Jun 14, 2016

Dr. Vasudevan took a very conservative approach, we first tried several non-surgical treatments in hopes to avoid surgery. When the time came to consider surgery Dr. Vasudevan and his staff to their time to address all my questions, and readdress them. He set clear expectations for what the surgical process would look like as well as the recovery process. It wasn’t until the surgery was complete that I realized just necessary my surgery was, and just how immediate the relief was.

G.J. in Austin, TX |

I can now play with my Grandchildren again, thanks for getting rid of my back pain.

S.P.. in Austin, TX |

I want to share one of the things I’m most thankful, the absense of back pain after many years of suffering! Since you performed by surgery my back has gotten better and better. You obliterated the arthritis pain, my level of joy in life has increased immeasureably! Because of your forward thinking and attention to detail, I never dreamed the absense of back pain would be. With a thankful heart!